The NuVoWay Foundation

Projects - Creating a NuVo, better world one person at a time...

A successive plan to raise up the weakest members of our society, ultimately enabling every person in NDG to thrive rather than merely survive.  For more information about this, please visit NDG Project's website

Eden House

Creation of the NuVoWay DropIn Centre in NDG 

A warm welcome.  Eden House is the place from where all aspects of the NuVoWay plan will be effected. The aim of this Centre is to provide a warm, comfortable and stimulating environment for our area's marginalized people.  It will contain the following:

  • 2 big screen areas for watching TV.  50” TV’s, DVD/BlueRay players, surround sound.
  • 4 small screen areas where 1-2 people can watch TV or DVD’s (with headphones). 
  • 6 computer/internet stations (with headphones).
  • 2 ‘crash pad’ areas where people can just sit & talk, read, play games or relax/snooze.
  • Lunch bar with tables and chairs. $2 soup, sandwich & drink.
  • Games tables as space allows (pool, ping pong, shuffleboard...).
  • Several wall units with board games, books, DVD’s, card games etc...
  • Offices for NuVoWay LifeStyle Coaches.

The Centre will be open from 9am-9pm, Monday to Sunday.


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